20 December 2011

New Freshwater Crayfish

I got the hardcopy of the newest issue of Freshwater Crayfish last week. It’s the first part of volume 18. The production values are good, with sharp figure reproductions and gloss paper. There are some colour figures, too!

As I mentioned previously, the society International Association of Astacology really wants to have a push to get the journal published much more regularly. It used to be published only in alternate years. The society hopes that this will allow Freshwater Crayfish to be indexed in services like ISI Web of Science, which would mean that the journal could get an official Impact Factor.

Manuscripts for Freshwater Crayfish are now being accepted continually. The turnaround time from submission to publication should be on the order of months, rather than years. Submissions can uploaded to: http://iz.carnegiemnh.org/FCEditor/

Disclosure: I have an article in this issue, though not on Marmorkrebs.

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