28 January 2015

Call for crustacean papers: Crustacean Research

Crustacean Research is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that covers all fields of biology of crustaceans and their related taxa. This journal has been running for some time, but it is new to me. The former president of The Crustacean Society, Akira Asakura, is editor-in-chief.

The publication costs are quite reasonable for an open access journal. People who are not members of the Carcinological Society of Japan pay about US$30 per page if there is no colour on the page. $300 for a ten page paper compares very favourably to, say, PLOS ONE ($1,350).

It might be a good venue to submit research on Marmorkrebs!

15 January 2015

European Crayfish Conference: Research and Management

European Crayfish Conference: Research and Management will be held in Landau, Germany from 9 to 12 April, 2015.

This conference will bring together experts on crayfish research and management to discuss the future of crayfish in Europe. Of particular note to readers of this blog is that one of the keynotes is by Frank Lyko, on “Marbled crayfish as a novel model system for epigenetics research.”

The social dinner will take place in the restaurant of the lovely Zoo in Landau and there will be an excursion in Rhineland-Palatinate with the opportunity to see some crayfish.

Information about the program and registration is available at: http://crayfishconference-uni-landau.com/

The deadline for abstracts is 31 January, 2015.

07 January 2015


The monster movie fan in me is utterly tickled by these pictures.

This one reminds me of Gamera being swarmed by small legion creatures, in Gamera: Attack of Legion.

From a Craigslist ad.

01 January 2015

2014 was a good year for Marmorkrebs research

Continuing our annual tradition here on this blog...

Although slightly down from last year, the overall trendline for Marmorkrebs publications still appears to be increasing.

A few highlights of this year include the long expected confirmation that Marmorkrebs can be vectors of crayfish plague, and still more individuals found in the wild in Europe. Next year should be a big one, with the forthcoming Freshwater Crayfish: A Global Overview providing longer treatments of topics concerning Marmorkrebs.