13 June 2008

Some assembly required

A guy goes away for a couple of days to a meeting, and comes back his lab to find...

That's right, there's no boxes better than NSF-funded boxes.

Of course, the boxes are not the important bit. The important bit is the new animal care system contained within, which will house a significantly expanded Marmorkrebs breeding and research colony. I had been expecting this for some time. It was actually on campus in Central Receiving many weeks ago, but it was delivered until yesterday (when I was gone) due to an initial error in ordering.*

Just for the heck of it, I'll be posting pictures as this goes in.

Now, where did I put that screwdriver...?

* Note to up and comers starting research labs: Ordering systems at universities are needlessly complex. You will make mistakes. Try to be nice to people in purchasing so they will be inclined to forgive you when you make mistakes.)

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