19 June 2008


As I mentioned, my new animal housing arrived recently. Putting it together took a while, but was reasonably straightforward. The biggest task was just sorting all the many boxes and keep them organized.

The main rack is taller than I am, and I'm not short. I'm probably going to have to get another footstool for my students.

All the boxes concerned with the mechanical and electronic parts of the system: sump, pumps, sterilizers, and so on.

Boxes containing the actual tanks the animals will live in, some lids, and a bit of overflow drainpipes.

Two years worth of supplies. Hopefully, there will be more money in two years...

"And if you order now, we'll even throw in this handy toolkit with everything you need to assemble your new animal care system and keep it running! Now how much would you pay?"

My REU student Stephanie surveying the nearly complete critter condo. Starting in July, Stephanie will be taking up Marmorkrebs research for about a year. This picture is "nearly complete" because the company neglected to send one needed component: screens to keep the animals from getting out of the tanks through the outflow of each tank. They're apparently in the process of getting a new manufacturer to make that particular part, but it should be here soon.

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