15 July 2020

Moog and colleagues, 2019

Moog O, Leitner P, Huber T, W. R, Graf W. 2019. Marbled Crayfish (Procambarus virginalis Lykow, (sic) 2017) – a supplement to the list of Aquatic Invertebrate Neozoa in Austria. ECOPROF. https://www.ecoprof.at/index.php/faunaaquaticaaustriaca.html?file=files/ep_downloads/faa/New_Neozoon_Marbled%20Crayfish.pdf


The marbled crayfish (Procambarus virginalis Lykow (sic), 2017) is added to the list of aquatic invertebrate neozoa in Austria. The scientifically proven first evidence of marbled crayfish in Austria took place in June 2018 and was published by Latzer & Pekny (2018). The occurrence of the marbled crayfish is so far known only from two ponds in Salzburg (Karlsbader Weiher and pond FBZ I/135; Latzer & Pekny, 2018) and one finding in Vienna. According to Thomas Ofenböck (Municipal Department 45 - Water Management), in August 2018 a single specimen was found in the 22nd district and released in the Mühlwasser. The Mühlwasser is a former branch of the Danube at Stadlau (Vienna, 22. District); since 1875, there is no connection to the river anymore. Although the establishment status of the marble crayfish is unknown, there are two reasons for its inclusion in the list of Austrian aquatic neozoa. 1) the management of the Salzburg state fishing association (Salzburger Landesfischereiverband) must assume that the population cannot be eradicated (personal communication Mrs. Daniela Latzer, Salzburg); 2) an establishment (in the sense of permanent, reproducing populations) is to be assumed since the species reproduces parthenogenetically.

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