15 July 2020

Map of Marmorkrebs introductions, now with Austria!

Map of Europe highlighting Austria
I made multiple additions to the big map of Marmorkrebs introductions. The biggest change is the addition of Austria to the list of countries with established Marmorkrebs populations.

The discovery of Marmorkrebs in Salzburg, Austria was published back in 2018 (Latzer and Pekny 2018), but I only just caught up to it today.

Trying to understand that paper (since it was in German) led me to another short abstract describing another Marmorkrebs finding in Austria, this time in Vienna (Moog et al. 2019). This description is brief, so the map position is not precise:

According to Thomas Ofenböck (Municipal Department 45 - Water Management), in August 2018 a single specimen was found in the 22nd district and released in the Mühlwasser.

Released? Oh, that hurts to read.

Finally, I have a more precise position for the location where Marmorkrebs were found in France. Previously, I only had a description of the area from Marc Collas’s tweet. Again, I stumbled upon a much lengthier description of the finding (Collas 2019), which included a map. That allowed me to get a more exact position.

And just to round things out, I added a couple more of sites from Hungary mentioned in Szendőfi and colleagues (2018).

Busy day. Wish I had done this before this year!


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Latzer D, Pekny R. 2018. Erstnachweis des Marmorkrebses für Österreich in Salzburg. Salzburgs Fischerei 49(3): 24-30. https://issuu.com/lfvs/docs/safisch_3-18

Moog O, Leitner P, Huber T, W. R, Graf W. 2019. Marbled Crayfish (Procambarus virginalis Lykow, (sic) 2017) – a supplement to the list of Aquatic Invertebrate Neozoa in Austria. ECOPROF. https://www.ecoprof.at/index.php/faunaaquaticaaustriaca.html?file=files/ep_downloads/faa/New_Neozoon_Marbled%20Crayfish.pdf

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