15 May 2020

No Marmorkrebs in Michigan

As expected, Michigan has become the fourth American state (that I know of) to specifically prohibit Marmorkrebs.

This article is quite detailed, and includes a FAQ about what to do if you have marbled crayfish already. To wit:

  • Dispose of it humanely

  • Do not flush it

  • Don’t sell it to someone in another state (that’s also illegal)

It is probably the best resource I have seen from any state that has regulated Marmorkrebs so far.

Update, 18 May 2020: Associated Press (AP) has put this out as one of their syndicated wire stories (e.g., here and here), which is surprisingly wide coverage.

Update, 23 May 2020: Michigan has definitely done the best job of publicizing the policy on Marmorkrebs, probably because of the AP wire story. It’s been reprinted and redistributed by more news organizations than I’ve ever seen for a state. ANd it’ not just reprints. There is some journalism here. For instance, this is a new quote, I think:

“It’s pretty popular in the pet trade, and the decision was not made lightly in terms of it will impact some of the pet trade industry,” said Lucas Nathan, aquatic invasive species coordinator for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

As sometimes happens when Marmorkrebs makes the news, I’m happy to see a picture I took being used to illustrate the species.

The coverage here made me laugh:

The (Department of Natural Resources) warns against flushing them down toilets because they may survive. What the DNR probably MEANT to say is, “that's how you get giant self-cloning crayfish roaming the sewer system.”

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