26 May 2020

Marmorkrebs illegal in Saskatchewan

Map of Canada with Saskatchewan highlightedLast month, Saskatchewan became the first Canadian province to specifically prohibit Marmorkrebs, according to this news article.

“New for this year is a regulatory change that prohibits the collection of crayfish from any Saskatchewan waterbody, as well as prohibitions related to their use as bait for angling,” (Environment Minister Dustin) Duncan said.

Rusty crayfish and marbled crayfish were added to the province’s prohibited species list in April.

I am trying to find the specific policy on Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Environment, but I found nothing through a generic Google search. Will continue to search. The difficulty in finding news about this provincial legislation from last month stands in sharp contrast to the ease of finding about the new policy in Michigan just days ago. Ten points from Saskatchewan.

I found it in the April 3 edition of the Saskatchewan Gazette (PDF) (Table 10 on page 193, to be specific) in a list of prohibited fish.

Yes, a crayfish can be legally considered a fish. Policy is not always about entirely accurate biology. You should read about the legal battles that erupted when scientists started to realize that a whale was not a fish.

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Anonymous said...

It's in the Fisheries Regulations under Prohibited Species of Fish in Saskatchewan.