16 August 2012

Human parthenogenesis?

I had no idea that in 1956, there was a claim of human parthenogenesis that was taken quite seriously. There was an article in The Lancet and everything.

The Telegraph has the story by , “The modern-day virgin birth.” To this day, it is not clear how the girl, Monica Jones, was conceived, though Prasad has some speculations.

Hat tip to Jennifer Oullette.

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Den said...

Hello, to read more on this "subject of subjects" (and it's amazing how something so tiny and gentle has the potential to shake the world at its roots) go to: www.thestoryoflaurie.blogspot.com
Don't worry, I'm not a religious fanatic, I've no ax to grind against men; I've no book to sell or money to make with annoying ads.
I stumbled onto this topic in 1969, so you could say that I've had plenty of time to do more research and to contemplate it all. Good luck and please feel free to share your thought with me.