12 May 2012

SciFunded... again!

A big congratulations to Kyle McLea, whose #SciFund Marmorkrebs research project, Crayfish Clone Wars, is now funded.

More impressive, Kyle not only hit his target early, he kicked it a few times and knocked it over for good measure.

Just because a project has met its target, however, does not mean that you can’t still give a donation. You can continue to fuel #SciFund projects until the end of May!

For more crustacean goodness you can support on #SciFund, consider:

A Climate for Castrators? by Alyssa Gehman, which is about the mud crab, Eurypanopeus depressus, and its parasite, Loxothylacus panopeus.

Beach of the Goliath Crabs by Zen Faulkes (me!), which is about the sand crab, Lepidopa benedicti.

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