25 May 2012

BioInvasions Records

Several Marmorkrebs papers have been published in Aquatic Invasions. Some of the people involved in that journal have created a new journal.

We wish to announce the release of the very first edition of BioInvasions Records.

BioInvasions Records is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal focusing on applied research on alien species and biological invasions in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of Europe, North America and other regions. The journal provides the opportunity of timely publication of first records of aquatic and terrestrial invaders and other relevant information needed for risk assessments and early warning systems. Also, relevant technical reports and conference proceedings can be considered for publication in this journal.

We welcome submissions to the journal and of course encourage you to use it as a resource.

To be honest, I hope this journal never gets a Marmorkrebs paper, because that would mean another introduction of Marmorkrebs. Indeed, this is one journal that I wish would fail... but only because there were no biological invasions to report.

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