22 July 2010

18th International Association of Astacology conference: Day 4

The audience for talks is thinning out a bit, and so are the speakers. Two cancellations in the scheduled presentations today.

Impressions: As far as Louisiana crayfishermen are concerned, do anything you want – except pass any legislation; crayfish plague is not a fungus, but some weird phylum that I've never heard of before; porcelain disease has a pretty name but a bad effect on crayfish; IAA 19 will be in Austria for the 40th anniversary.

There are still more talks tomorrow morning, but this evening had a bit of a closing feel to it at the conference banquet. Drinks, food, music, some serious awards (career awards for Alistair Richardson and Francesca Gherhardi), and some silly awards. Delivered by a man with claws and the Crawdettes.

One award managed to combine silly and serious. Abbie came to the conference from England, and had her luggage completely lost. She's been wearing the same clothes all week. So the I.A.A. gave her a princess costume, which she is twirling in here:

Others went to the Blue Note to listen to blues. I, alas, reached the limit of how much I can do on five hours of sleep a night, so came back early.

The Flickr photostream continues to lengthen.

P.S. – My talk? The audience learned that to the tune of this:

You can sing this:

Super cloning crayfish team Marmorkrebs go!
Super cloning crayfish team Marmorkrebs go!
If you need a crayfish that's a name you should know
Super cloning crayfish team Marmorkrebs go!

And for those of you asking how I did my talk, it was made with Prezi.

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