21 July 2010

18th International Association of Astacology conference: Day 3

Field trip! Most of the astacologists went to the Shaw Nature Reserve today. It’s a long drive there, the temperature was probably in the high 30s C, and the humidity was probably in the high 90s.

But look at this little guy!

Going on a field walk with a bunch of astacologists is interesting. Quinton, with the classic, “I’ll have a go” Australian attitude, saw some chimneys of crayfish burrows under a footbridge, got down and got his hand nearly up to his elbow to retrieve this one. Still a juvenile, couldn't be sexed.

I said, “$5 to whoever can identify the species,” but had no takers. So still not sure myself what species this is.

At another end of the reserve, this was the only crayfish I saw, in Bascom House:

Additional: I have since heard that the burrower in the video above may be Cambarus diogenes.

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