22 September 2009

Marmorkrebs on the road: Texas A&M University

The whiteboard announcing our talkA day driving, a day talking, a day driving. That pretty much sums up a recent visit to Texas A&M University last week, where I had been invited to give a talk to the Applied Biodiversity Sciences program.

This was fun and interesting in a few ways. At the suggestion of the organizer, my student Stephanie and I gave a joint talk, which isn’t all that common. I did the first third, she did the middle, and I returned to handle the last third.

We also left the audience wondering how we got PowerPoint to do all the zooming. The answer was that we didn’t use PowerPoint for our visual aids. Instead, we were experimenting with some new software called Prezi. If you do presentations, you probably have a few months where it’ll be really cool before everyone else discovers it.

The biggest surprise was that a couple of audience members had direct ties to Marmorkrebs. One sold them in Switzerland back in the 1990s. Another confirmed something that I’ve only heard as a rumour, namely that Marmorkrebs are being aquacultured in China. More to follow on these leads, no doubt.

Thanks very much to everyone in these pictures for coming to our talk!

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