29 September 2009

Kawai and colleagues, 2009

Kawai T, Scholtz G, Morioka S, Ramanamandimby F, Lukhaup C, Hanamura Y. 2009. Parthenogenetic alien crayfish (Decapoda: cambaridae) spreading in Madagascar. Journal of Crustacean Biology 29(4): 562-567. http://dx.doi.org/10.1651/08-3125.1


Invasion of an alien freshwater crayfish is newly confirmed in Madagascar. The invasive crayfish is determined as the parthenogenetic Marmorkrebs (marbled crayfish) (Cambaridae: Decapoda) on the basis of morphological features and the fact that all collected specimens were females regardless of their size. As this is a worrisome finding, the public should be alerted so that spread on the island can be prevented before it affects the vulnerable native crayfish biodiversity and the rice field business in Madagascar.

Keywords: alien species • Madagascar • Marbled crayfish • morphology • parthenogenetic species

(Note: What the abstract does not mention is that this paper contains the first detailed description of Marmorkrebs morphology. This should greatly aid identifications, since many species of Procambarus superficially resemble Marmorkrebs, particularly in the marbled colouration.)

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