24 December 2008

There must have been some magic in that old filter they found...

As a scientist, I am not allowed to invoke magic or miracles in my explanations, no matter what time of the year it is.

Nevertheless, this does seem an appropriate time of year to report the some people say that marbled crayfish are magic.

Had a tank, completely empty for the past month if not longer. Just put water in it again two days ago. Turned on the light today and there staring back at me was a marble crayfish.

First of all, I thought I had sold all of them a long time ago like a month before I moved, secondly, even when I had them, I never kept them in this tank. Perhaps she was living in one of the sponge filters I put in there? But that has been out of water for over a month as well! I dont know what to think. maybe she's magic?

Marmorkrebs also feature in this blog entry this blog entry, "Are there really virgin births?" Although I've jokingly used the phrase before, the thought creeps into mind if attaching an egg to a swimmeret should really be considered birth.

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