02 December 2008

Fish and crayfish

Pet storeAlthough this blog is focused on science, I do occasionally get questions about Marmorkrebs as pets, which is great. I am planning on doing a little frequently asked questions list on pet care, but here's a couple of thoughts for those keeping Marmorkrebs as pets.

Marmorkrebs do best at room temperature (20°C). If you have Marmorkrebs in with some tropical fish in a heated tank, the crayfish may not fare as well.

Marmorkrebs are generally not aggressive. Still, most crayfish are not picky eaters, and would probably grab at another fish in the tank if they had the chance. And conversely, some big fish might find crayfish tasty and attack, particularly after molting.

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Just a little snarky said...

Be sure to have 2 hiding places for each crayfish.

A mature tank with a little algae (where microfauna grow among the algae) is helpful for rearing babies.

My marmokrebs seem to like Hermit Crab Bites, which smell like they have more meat than typical pellets. (They smell nasty.)

You can build a cray condo to protect babies. Instructs here.