28 September 2023

Hamr 2023

Cover of Crayfish News 45, issue 1-2, with marbled crayfish on cover.

Hamr P. 2023. First record of the marbled crayfish in Canada/North America. Crayfish News 45(1-2): 1, 3. https://www.astacology.org/docs/cn/CrayfishNews_45(1-2)_hr.pdf (Direct link to PDF)


Without abstract. First paragraph: 


Suspected marbled crayfish (Procambarus virginalis) were first reported in Southern Ontario in October 2021. The reports came from a Burlington City Park and were made by a naturalist (Ms. N. Bucik) as well as park staff who observed and photographed individual crayfish walking on a nature path as well as on a nearby football (soccer) pitch. All the reports were made near three stormwater ponds in the park where it was suspected the crayfish came from. (The identity of the crayfish was subsequently confirmed by EU crayfish experts when I showed the photos at IAA 23 in the Czech Republic in July 2022). 

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