02 December 2021

The newest version of Marmorkrebs.org

Marmorkrebs.org is moving to Google Sites.




One major advantage of this change is that Google Sites are much better at switching between desktop and mobile versions of the site, which will make people visiting by using their phones much happier!


Since its beginning, the main Marmorkrebs.org website has been hosted by my former employer, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (formerly The University of Texas Pan American). Last year, I took a new position. Because of that, I will soon be losing all access to the web hosting provided by that university.


I have updated the domain name pointers, so typing “marmorkreb.org” in your browser bar should now go to the new site. If, for some reason, you still need to visit the old, more complete site in the next couple of days, you can go to:




Thank you!

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