29 July 2021

Lemmer and colleagues, 2021

Cover to Living Nature, volume 122, issue 4.
Lemmers P, Frank Spikmans F, Koese B. 2021. Is de opmars van de marmerkreeft in Nederland nog te stuiten? De Levende Natuur 122(4): 138-140. https://delevendenatuur.nl/tijdschrift/2021-4




The first marbled crayfish in the Netherlands was recorded in 2004. The next was observed a decade later, in 2014. Since then the number of observations has increased significantly up to 14 sites in 2020, spread all over the country. The marbled crayfish became established in at least four sites of which one has been eliminated in 2020. Animals are mainly found in vegetation- rich, shallow parts of isolated waters. Other crayfish species were not present in these sites. The main introduction route of marbled crayfish is release by pet keepers. The EU Regulation 1143/2014 on Invasive Alien Species seems to have limited effect on the ongoing invasion of this species yet, as both trade and new introductions are still taking place. Swift actions, considered both cost effective and mandatory under EU legislation, are urgently needed to eliminate the species while this is still feasible.


Note: The main text of article is in Dutch. The English title is roughly, “The expansion of the marbled crayfish in the Netherlands.”

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