27 May 2021

Marmorkrebs in Taipei update

Last November, I reported on Marmorkrebs were found in Taipei, but they seemed to be confined to a single park pond. A brief mention in a new story suggests there is a second location that has become home to a population of Marmorkrebs. 

The firefly restoration ecological pond in Taipei’s Daan Forest Park is being invaded by an exotic species, the many-rayed sailfin sucker catfish, while Neihu District’s (內湖) Bihu Park is being invaded by the invasive marbled crayfish, causing ecological balance issues, the office said.


Emphasis added.


Marmorkrebs were previously reported in Daan Forest Park, so it is not entirely clear to me if Marmorkrebs are in two parks, or id the reporter inadvertently switched the two locations. I have updated the map of Marmorkrebs introductions with the second Taipei location, but noted the uncertainty.


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