27 April 2020

False alarm! There are no Marmorkrebs loose in Canada (that we know of)

There are no Marmorkrebs in Alberta. Well, there are no Marmorkrebs in the wild in Alberta.

After reading this article claiming marbled crayfish had been found in Alberta for years, I reached out to interviewee Nichol Kimmel at Alberta Environment and Parks for more details.

She wrote that the article replaced “Northern crayfish” (also known as the virile crayfish, or Faxonius virilis, formerly known as Orconectes virilis) with “marbled crayfish.” Furthermore, Environment and Parks does not know of any released locations of Marmorkrebs.

This would explain why B.W. Williams, who has extensive knowledge of Canadian crayfish, looked at the article and tweeted:

Right, but most of their photos in that article are of Faxonius virilis, which has spread on its own (expedited postglacial expansion) in many rivers of Alberta; and by bait bucket dumps in portions of the upper South Saskatchewan River (including Bow).

I have removed the Alberta entries in the map of Marmorkrebs introductions.

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