19 August 2019

Écrevisse marbrées en France

Marmorkrebs have been found in the wild in France. As of now, all I know is this tweet from Marc Collas:

The marbled crayfish (Procambarus virginalis) has just been discovered in France on the basin of the river Moselle. This is the first observation of this species in France #crayfish #ecrevisse #marmorkrebs #biodiversite

It is perhaps not surprising that Moselle River is the first location where Marmorkrebs have been found in France. The river borders Germany, which has been ground zero for Marmorkrebs introductions. It is a tributary for the Rhine River. It’s possible that the crayfish were introduced in Germany and spread into France.

More information as I learn it. The map of Marmorkrebs introductions has been updated accordingly.

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