16 January 2018

Kubiak and Pellett, 2018

Kubiak M, Pellett S. 2018. Invasive alien species legislation: a veterinary perspective. Companion Animal 23(1): 44-48. https://doi.org/10.12968/coan.2018.23.1.44


The European Union (EU) Invasive Alien Species (IAS) Regulation (1143/2014) restricts keeping of named species, in order to preserve native biodiversity. As some of these species are currently kept by private exotic animal keepers, zoological collections and animal encounter businesses, it is important for veterinary surgeons to be aware of the restrictions. As of August 2017, new species have been added to the legislation; this article reviews the previous situation and includes the updated information.

Keywords: invasive alien species • legislation • Tamias sibiricusProcyon lotorTrachemys scriptaNasua nasua

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