03 November 2017

The CABI datasheet

The Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International (CABI) Invasive Species Compendium has “datasheets, maps, images, abstracts and full text on invasive species of the world.”

Their page on Marmorkrebs is generally very thorough!

Their distribution map seems a little out of date, and has a couple of oddities. For instance, there is one dot right in the middle of the continental United States (roughly in Kansas or Nebraska). This is supposed to represent that Marmorkrebs are available in the pet trade throughout the country, and cite Faulkes (2010) as a resource. Strangely, that paper also found Marmorkrebs for sale as pets in Canada... but there is no dot on the map for Canada.

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Invasive Species Compendium - Procambarus fallax f. virginalis (Marmorkrebs)

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