07 February 2017

How could I miss Croatia?

I’m red-faced. It’s about two years since a short note appeared mentioning the discovery of Marmorkrebs in northern Croatia (Samardžić et al. 2014). This is one I should have caught, too, since it appeared in the newsletter of the International Association of Astacology, of which I am a member! Always read the newsletters of your professional societies, citizens!

I have updated the map of Marmorkrebs introductions with this record, and others (more recent – hadn’t missed them,. just hadn’t added them) in the Czech republic.


Patoka J, Buric M, Kolár V, Bláha M, Petrtýl M, Franta P, Tropek R, Kalous L, Petrusek A, Kouba A. 2016. Predictions of marbled crayfish establishment in conurbations fulfilled: evidences from the Czech Republic. Biologia 71(12): 1380–1385. https://doi.org/10.1515/biolog-2016-0164

Samardžić M, Lucić A, Maguire I, Hudina S. 2014. The first record of the marbled crayfish (Procambarus fallax (Hagen, 1870) f. virginalis) in Croatia. Crayfish News 36(4): 4. http://www.freshwatercrayfish.org/docs/cn/CrayfishNews_36(4)_hr.pdf

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