23 September 2016

Then we take Berlin

A new article in Verbundjournal reports that Marmorkrebs are establishing themselves in lakes around the German capital of Berlin.

It’s a passing reference in an article by grad student Stefan Linzmaier, who is studying Marmorkrebs as an example of how an invasive species impacts the ecology of a system. I will not claim that I am entirely clear of all the details of Stefan’s ongoing research, since I am reading the article through the help of Google Translate, which can have... interesting interpretations of text.

The map of Marmorkrebs introductions has been updated accordingly. Hat tip to Gerhard Scholtz.


Linzmaier S. 2016. Vom Aquarium in den See. Verbundjournal 106: 14-15. http://www.fv-berlin.de/oeffentlichkeitsarbeit/verbundjournal-1/pdfs/verbund106.pdf

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