01 March 2016

Mystery cameo

Marmorkrebs makes a brief cameo appearance in a new paper about that evergreen biological topic, species concepts:

More recently MARTIN et al. (2010), discussing the way parthenogenetic population derives from bisexual species (the concrete case of Cambarus fallax, the so-called Marble crayfish), considered that for such uniparental populations the phylogenetic species concept should apply, because parthenogenesis is an apomorphic trait within a given phylogenetic lineage with bisexual ancestors.

What surprising to me is the species name. They are not the first authors to omit the “forma virginalis”, but I think they are the first to put Marmorkrebs in the genus “Cambarus.” This is puzzling since they cite the paper that clearly says Marmorkrebs are “Procambarus.”

Mysteries of editing.


Danielopol DL, Tabacaru IG. 2015. The species concept, thematic subject in natural sciences – the scientific approaches of Emil G. Racovitza and Nicolae Botnariuc. Travaux de L`Institut de Speologie "Emile Racovitza" 54: 3-24. http://www.speotravaux.iser.ro/15/art01.pdf

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