18 August 2015

Kaldre and colleagues, 2016

Kaldre K, Meženin A, Paaver T, Kawai T. 2016. A preliminary study on the tolerance of marble crayfish Procambarus fallax f. virginalis to low temperature in Nordic climate. In: T Kawai, Z Faulkes, G Scholtz, eds. Freshwater Crayfish: A Global Overview, pp. 54-62. Boca Raton: CRC Press. https://www.crcpress.com/Freshwater-Crayfish-A-Global-Overview/Kawai-Faulkes-Scholtz/9781466586390


Temperatures in Nordic countries’ water bodies are much lower during winter, but there is no information about whether marble crayfish can survive temperatures as low as those experienced in Nordic countries, which is relevant to whether the marble crayfish can invade northern Europe. In this chapter we discuss the low temperature tolerance of marble crayfish as a factor in the potential invasion of marble crayfish in Nordic European countries.

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Kawai and colleagues (editors), 2016

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