07 July 2015

Support for doctoral students studying aquatic invaders

The project Marie Curie ITN Aquainvad-ED offers eight Ph.D. fellowships on early detection, control, and management of aquatic invasive species.

The main research goal of the project is to exploit novel molecular advances combined with the power of crowd data sourcing (citizen science) to develop innovative methods of early detection, control and management of aquatic invasive species. This will be achieved via a multi-disciplinary network of experts in invasion biology, ecology, marine and fresh-water biotechnology, citizen science and environmental policy working in three different countries: the United Kingdom (3 positions), Spain (3 positions), and Italy (2 positions).

Deadline for applications is 22 July 2015 for positions in Italy (ESR4, ESR7) and 14 August 2015 for positions in Spain (ESR5, ESR6, ESR8) and UK (ESR1, ESR2, ESR3). For more details on individual projects and how to apply, click on each one of the Fellow links (ESR1-8) in the following website: http://www.aquainvaded.com/individual-projects

For more information, contact Elena Tricarico (email: elena.tricarico@unifi.it).

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