02 February 2015

Patoka and colleagues, 2015

Patoka J, Kalous L, Kopecký O. 2015. Imports of ornamental crayfish: the first decade from the Czech Republic’s perspective. Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems 416: 04. http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/kmae/2014040


The import of aquarium animals has been increasing worldwide in recent years. Despite its contribution to world trade and the economy, this trade also comprises one of the main pathways for the introduction of non-indigenous animals. In the past decade, crayfish has become a popular pet as well as a potential threat to the environment upon its escape or release. Since the Czech Republic is one of the world’s leading importer, exporter, and producer of aquatic ornamental animals, we prepared a detailed analysis of crayfish imports. The present paper provides a complete list of countries supplying ornamental crayfish and examines trends of their prices and imported quantities during the past decade (2003–2012). Indonesia has been identified as the leading supplier in recent years. The annual average price of imported crayfish has varied over the evaluated period within the range of €0.76–4.72 per individual and it is rising annually by €0.15. The quantity of live crayfish imported for aquarium purposes has not been affected significantly by the price per individual and it has grown rapidly. Therefore a constant monitoring of this pet trade sector is strongly recommended for the future.

Keywords: pet trade • aquarium • crustaceans • non-indigenous species • price

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