10 April 2012

SciFund 2: Return of the Marmorkrebs!

You may recall that last year, I had a Marmorkrebs project in the inaugural SciFund Challenge.

I’m pleased to report that Marmorkrebs and I will both be back in the next SciFund challenge, starting in May.

But not together.

Kyle MacLea will be carrying the banner for Marmorkrebs in Round 2. To learn more, you should follow Kyle’s blog, By Way of Science. He’s also on Twitter and Google Plus.

This is an opportune time to update people on the status of the project I successfully launched in round 1. I contacted some experts on Procambarus fallax in Florida, and the answer I got was consistent. The best time to collect for that species was... November. News will be slow on the first #SciFund project, then.

As for my own project in SciFund 2, you can read about it over at my other blog, NeuroDojo.

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Kyle said...

Thank you for the introduction, Dr. Zen! I hope those who were interested in your project last year will take the time to come and look at my project when #SciFund 2 launches.

It's going to be a fun gene-based project. Ever wanted to be a "gene prospector"? This will be your chance to help me pan for some gold!