07 June 2011

Vogt, 2011

Vogt G. 2011. Marmorkrebs: natural crayfish clone as emerging model for various biological disciplines. Journal of Biosciences 36(2): 377-382.

Without abstract. These are the section headings of the paper:

  1. What is the Marmorkrebs?
  2. How do marbled crayfish reproduce and develop?
  3. Is it true that the first juvenile stages are secured by a safety line?
  4. Why are marbled crayfish so attractive to researchers?
  5. How can marbled crayfish produce different phenotypes from a single genotype?
  6. Is negligible senescence in the marbled crayfish related to lifelong stem cell activity?
  7. Is it true that marbled crayfish are highly resistant to cancer?
  8. Are marbled crayfish good guys only?
  9. How can I be kept informed about ongoing research with the marbled crayfish?

Keywords: cancer • development • genotype-to-phenotype mapping • marbled crayfish • model organism • stem cells

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