08 March 2011

Marmorkrebs on the road: Texas Academy of Science 2011

This is a poster I made for the 114th annual meeting of the Texas Academy of Science, which was held last week in Austin, Texas. Though I say it myself, I think it’s one of my best. (Click to enlarge.)

The models presented are based on a forthcoming paper. This is why I was messing around with mapping Texas crayfish diversity hotspots.


Feria TP, Faulkes Z. Forecasting the distribution of Marmorkrebs, a parthenogenetic crayfish with high invasive potential, in Madagascar, Europe, and North America. Aquatic Invasions 6(1): In press. http://www.aquaticinvasions.net/2011/AI_2011_6_1_Feria_Faulkes_correctedproof.pdf (Preprint)

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