15 February 2011


When I wrote my post on the Scientific American Guest Blog, “The decade the clones came,” I was sort of fumbling around for something like this without quite realizing it:

Like the Google Earth map of Marmorkrebs introductions, this will be an ongoing project. I will update it as news becomes available. I’m also still tinkering with what level of detail to provide. Currently, I don’t think it needs to contain every research paper or blog post or tweet or YouTube video featuring Marmorkrebs. But maybe with a little tweaking, it can include those without loosing the “main events” that I’d like to emphasize.

If you have suggestions, let me know!

This Dipity timeline was inspired by Ed Yong’s stem cell research timeline, who was in turn inspired by John Rennie. If anyone out there would like to pay me, sorry. It’s all about the science, not the money.

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