14 December 2010

Pic of the moment: 14 December 2010

Having recently written a summary about the first 10 years of Marmorkrebs in science, I wanted to see how research on Marmorkrebs has changed, if it has.

I’ve used Wordle before on this blog, a neat little web application that makes word clouds from text. This time, I was a little more careful in cleaning it up and only using the abstract text, so it didn’t have strays like “http” or author names in there.

I divided the papers by the total number of abstracts rather than by year, because the pace of Marmorkrebs research is increasing.

The earliest abstracts (2003 to partway through 2008; 17 abstracts all told):

The most recent abstracts (late 2008 to now; 16 abstracts all told):

There is one clear change: “Marmorkrebs” has become the nom de choix for this crayfish. Interesting.

And here's the “snapshot” of the scientific literature on Marmorkrebs as it stands near the end of 2010, combining all 33 abstracts here on the blog:

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