16 November 2010

A new garden for research

You’ve heard of evo-devo? Passé. The new thing is evo-devo-eco.

Cassandra Extavour has started a project for people interested in the interface of these three disciplines. It’s the Evo-Devo-Eco Network, naturally. Or, if you prefer, EDEN.

Ah, we scientists do love our acronyms.

This network would seem to be one of interest to the Marmorkrebs community, given that some of main prongs of research around the species revolve around the three prongs of evolution (“How did Marmorkrebs originate?”), development (“How much developmental variation can you have?”), and ecology (“How are these going to affect indigenous species as Marmorkrebs are introduced around the world?”).

I’ve joined the EDEN network, and you can see the lab profile here. And, if there are any undergraduates interested in this, note that while I put that I am not seeking undergraduates does not mean an automatic “No.” It’s just that I’m at a large undergraduate university, and I usually enough students from my home institution to look after. But don’t let that deter you. Let’s talk.

Hat tip to Steffen Harzsch for bringing this to my attention.

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