30 March 2009

Perspective on a problem

Madagascar has been mentioned several times in this blog because Marmorkrebs have been introduced into the wild there. Sadly, an invasive crayfish species is currently a very small problem for researchers and others concerned with the island. The country is in turmoil politically.

Sadly, there political situation is spilling over into research and conservation issues. A suite of conservation groups have issued a statement that describes the current conservation situation:

Open and organized plundering, sometimes using firearms, of precious wood from several natural forests, including national parks such as Marojejy and Masoala, which have been declared World Heritage Sites.

Intensified smuggling of wild species, especially reptiles such as tortoises, to the national and international markets.

Proliferation, due to the current impunity, of destructive practices such as illegal mining and slash-and-burn agriculture within protected areas and environmentally sensitive areas.

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