10 February 2009

Owning clones

I was in a pet store for something completely unrelated, and just happened to look, as one will do when browsing in a store, at things nearby... and spotted the headline, "CRAYFISH CLONES," on the cover of the new issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist.

I knew what that was about, and knew I had to have a copy. Here's how TFH describes the article online:

Owning Clones
Author: Mark Robbins

Once the stuff of science fiction, cloning is not only happening in real-world laboratories, but also in home aquariums! One hobbyist relates his tale of keeping and multiplying the marbled crayfish, an all-female self-cloning species that one day just might help to feed the world.

Additional: The full text of this article is now available online.

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