09 September 2008

Pic of the moment: 9 September 2008

The feather-like plumes on the side of this animal's carapace are actually her gills. It seems the gills somehow got stuck on the outside of her carapace during molting. It's unusual looking, but apparently not terribly harmful, as this individual is generally continuing to show good health.

Photo by Zen Faulkes.


Anonymous said...

She may look okay now since this pic was taken right after her molt. But they will get caught on things inside the tank and will start to turn brown and rot away.
Add an extra airstone to give her more circulation. Keep the water crystal clean. If she can make it to the next moult, it usually fixes itself.

Zen Faulkes said...

Actually, this picture is weeks after the molt, not days. Hopefully, she will continue to have good health for a while yet...