11 August 2008

Forum hopping

Although I haven't been blogging a huge amount, there's actually been a fair amount of stuff I've been doing behind the scenes, as it were.

In one of those little coincidences, Marmorkrebs have suddenly become the topic of conversation on several different pet discussion forums (see here and here). I've been sticking my head in to provide what information I can, and particularly to suggest that anyone who wants to keep these be careful about it.

Again, I would ask that anyone who is a hobbyist with Marmorkrebs to email me. I just want to get a sense of when they made it into North America in the pet trade.

I also made a few little updates to the main page. In particular, I highlighted two new articles, one of which I just got this morning. I list articles "in press" on the home page before they show up in the blog. I publish abstracts on the blog when they have their final volume, page number, and so on.

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david santos said...

Great work!!!