28 May 2008


One of the animals hatched here in the my lab about 7 months ago now has eggs of her own. I can now officially say that there is a breeding colony of Marmorkrebs for research in North America.

For those who think the title of this post is a bit cryptic, this is a reference to standard notation of generations in genetics. The parental generation is considered "P"; their offspring is designated "F1", which is short for "first filial" generation, and the offspring of the F1 generation are named "F2".

In my case, the original animals I received would be the P generation. They gave me eggs of the F1 generation in late October, and this will be the start of the F2 generation.

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Marmorkrebs said...

This is great - another second generation Marmorkrebs aquarium colony in the USA, congrats! We welcome you into the community of all people currently creating colonies for use in research labs and other academia spinoffs.