10 November 2007

Model for success

NIHThe goal is simple: To have Marmorkrebs mentioned in the same breath as those shown on the NIH model organisms page.

This is informing some of my thinking about what to do with the Marmorkrebs.org website and what resources we need. I've been tooling around and looking at some of the other resource webpages.

Zebrafish have ZFIN.org, and C. elegans has wormatlas.org. Fruitflies have Flybase. To name just a few examples.

And it's clear what all of those organisms have in common: they had a massive effort put into a complete description of some aspect of that organism. For C. elegans, it was cataloging the entire nervous system (all 302 neurons) and its embryonic development. Zebrafish was development and genetics. Drosophila, of course, was genetics, genetics, genetics.

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