22 December 2020

Parthenogenesis 2020 stories

Christmas – or, as we crustacean researchers like to call it, Crustmas – is one of the best times of year to talk about Marmorkrebs, because many interested in the idea of virgin birth at this time of year.


No idea why. 😉


Here are a couple of good articles about parthenogenesis making the rounds this holiday season.

Virgin births from parthenogenesis: How females from some species can reproduce without males: I can’t help but wonder if this article from The Conversation may have inspired the SyFy article below, given that both feature Asian water dragons at the top of the page. No Marmorkrebs.


Some unnatural creatures can replicate themselves without even trying, no mate required: This SyFy Wire piece looses points for calling parthenogenesis shaming in the title and no Marmorkrebs. Otherwise pretty good.

P.S.—Sadly, about that Asian water dragon? It has joined its ancestors in the great beyond.

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