18 December 2020

North Carolina eyes Marmorkrebs ban

North Carolina is considering banning Marmorkrebs, along with several other crayfish species, according to the Smoky Mountains News.


A list of proposed changes to regulations from the state’s Wildlife Resources Commission include (emphasis added):

Add the African Longfin Eel, Creole Painted Crayfish, Bigclaw Crayfish, Marbled Crayfish or Marmorkrebs, Applesnail, Olive Mysterysnail, European Eel, Oriental Weatherfish, Brown Hoplo, Yellow Bass, Shortfin Eel, Crucian Carp, Prussian Carp, European Perch, European Minnow and Amur Sleeper to the list of species for which it is unlawful to transport, purchase, possess, sell or stock in the public or private waters of North Carolina. These non-native species can become invasive and nuisance species in North Carolina.


Public comment is running until 1 February 2021. My impression is that usually by the time these things are proposed for regulation, it’s unusual for the proposals to change.


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North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission proposed regulations (PDF)

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