02 November 2020

Marmorkrebs banned in Japan

Flag of Japan
A wire story from Jiji Press is reporting that Marmorkrebs — along with many other nonnative crayfish — are being effectively outlawed in Japan.


Raising and selling of all nonnative species of crayfish, excluding red swamp crayfish, became prohibited in principle in Japan on Monday... Species newly added to the list are foreign crayfish belonging to four groups, including marbled crayfish, which reproduce without fertilization(.)


I’m not sure what “prohibited in principle” means. Unfortunately, the article does not give a source for this story, meaning I will probably have to spend some time trying to search and translate Japanese government websites.




It seems to be this press release from the Ministry of the Environment. If Google Translate can be trusted, this PDF says:

All species of the crayfish family, America Among the species belonging to the crayfish family, the United States
Other than crayfish (Procambarus clarkii), Asian crayfish
Other than Japanese crayfish (Cambaroides japonicus) among the species belonging to
All species of crayfish, Minamizari

I’m surprised the Jiji Press story specifically mentioned Marmorkrebs, since it is not mentioned by name in the press release.


It’s been a busy week for Marmorkrebs news.


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