30 November 2016

Ninth International Crustacean Congress announcement and call for symposia

The 9th International Crustacean Congress (ICC IX) will be held in Washington, DC from 22-25 May 2018, at the Smithsonian Institution and the Renaissance Hotel. This marks the first time this meeting has been in the USA and at the venerable Smithsonian Institution.

The ICC IX Organizing Committee is requesting ideas and leaders for symposia for this important meeting.

Symposia can be half days or full days and can be on any broad topic associated with crustacean biology or related research whether basic or applied. Broad ideas that would include Crustacea combined with other taxa, are welcome. Possible areas for symposia development include genomics/transcriptomics, reproduction, biodiversity, palaeontology, microbiomes, parasites and evolution, invasion biology, aquaculture, fisheries, and so on.

Please communicate symposium ideas to Chris Tudge at ctudge@american.edu.

More information to follow, including important dates and the ICC IX website.

Picture: Famed carcinologist Mary Jane Rathbun in the Smithsonian. Picture from here.

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