31 May 2012

The $100,000 challenge

The current round of #SciFund ends today.

Kyle McLea’s Marmorkrebs project made it total long ago. Indeed, it’s been this round’s “break-out project” in terms of percent raised compared to target - more than 200%.

But I want to talk a bit about the overall amount we’ve raised at #SciFund. We cracked the $90,000 mark yesterday.

I cannot tell you how fantastic it would be to hit the $100,000 mark. So please, check out the projects to see if there are any that would like to support, even with a dollar or two. (Moral support matters a lot!)


There is nothing preventing you from giving a little extra to a project that has hit 100%. If you cannot donate, please spread the word that time is running out to be part of something great.

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