01 February 2011

15th Meeting of German-Speaking Carcinologists

No, this post is not an entry for the Oddly Specific blog. I received this email from Christoph Schubart. Knowing that I have several German readers (according to Google Analytics), I thought I should pass this along.

I would like to announce that from 7 to 10 April 2011 we will be hosting in Regensburg (southeastern Germany) the 15. Meeting of German-Speaking Carcinologists. As the name implies, it would help, if participants understand some German (even if they prefer to present and communicate in English). The official deadline for inscription is over, but I realized that I may not have reached all potentially interested colleagues, so I would like to use this platform to extend a very warm welcome to all interested colleagues on this list. Accordingly, we will extend the deadline for abstract submission until 7 February.

All necessary information (in German) can be retrieved from:


Just tell me later if there are any Marmorkrebs papers.

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