15 June 2010

Mystery book

I have no idea what this listing on the Amazon UK site is supposed to be. The listed publisher has a list of books that all seem to be lists of things, with May 2010 publication dates and the same non-cover cover. And weirdly, the “used” copies show up as costing more than the “new” copies. The ISBN number showed up in a search, but the publisher didn’t appear in a Google search.

It feels like there’s a scam of some sort going on here, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it could be.


Wolf said...

I can just describe my first experience with "Fish Diseases" by Thomas Henry Huxly printed and provided by the same publisher...

The book was simply a printcopy of the OCR result from the original scan of this copyright free work.

A mass of weird text content and characters.

So the book itself makes no sense at all, as OCR Software does not work very reliable, but on the homepage of the publisher I could order an original photographic scan of this publication for free.

So at last this whole issue made sense as I got a clear scan of the original work (although it was provided by google books and should be free generally)

And now to this issue in particular ;-)

Go to http://general-books.net/ and enter this books barcode to download it (of course only if you´ve already bought a print copy ;-) )


Wolf said...

This issue just made me more curious and I checked out some more publications of this publisher, there are several you will find being offered on amamzon.

All I could find was more or less copyright free stuff, digitized books from google-books in cooperation with some university libraries and just copied internet sites like single articles from wikipedia.

So to judge it as scam we would have to differ what the value of this service could be for anyone generally.

For example without this publication I would not have recognized Huxley´s Fish Diseases and the other attached publications. But actually I could have found and got it for free if I might have searched a little better and longer.

The only really disturbing point is that this publisher does not inform what these "books" really contain, the customers just buy them because of their titles.

Apparently the copy you would get is just printed on the day you order...